Isn’t food beautiful? That’s how I have felt about food for years. I fell in love with desserts when I was 13 years old, and I still feel that same excitement and passion for baking today. 

There are always three things on my mind (aside from my family and faith). Desserts, travel, and Paris. All 3 of which I have a keen obsession for and no apologies about it at all. I have always had an OCD personality, which is what allows me to dig deep into the things I am really passionate about!


After being obsessed with desserts all my adolescent years, I went to culinary school and got my pastry degree. I worked as a wedding cake designer/decorator, catered, and had 2 small food blogs. Most recently, I have been teaching royal icing cookie classes.

But now, Baker Street is my passion and where I plan to make my home for years to come.

Why Baker Street?

As much as I love the BBC Sherlock Holmes series, this is not a fan site for Sherlock or Benedict Cumberbatch..although I do really like both!

Baker Street is as much a place for me as it is a website. I imagine it like a street in Paris that is dotted with bakeries and patisseries. When you come to Baker Street Society, you can find the best recipes for every baked good and dessert you can imagine!

At Baker Street Society, we bake and live with intention. It’s a place of community and positivity where we can learn and grow together. So come along for the journey and join me as we dive into this beautiful world of desserts.