About The Society

Hello! Bonjour! I’m Camille Brown, and welcome to Baker Street Society.

What if you could be a baker who knows, not just a baker who bakes?

In my baking program, that’s exactly what I teach bakers. I not only teach them how to create dazzling desserts, but I also teach them how baking works and the why behind it all.

Sounds fun, right?

I bet you can read a recipe because that’s what bakers are taught to do. But a huge foundational piece is often missing. The “how baking works” piece is key to taking your skills to the next level.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to teach bakers how baking works, how to develop better skills in the kitchen, and how to make desserts with confidence that they would never have attempted on their own.

Photo by Katie Donnelly Photography

A Little About The Chef

There are always three things on my mind (aside from my kids and my faith). Desserts, travel, and Paris. All 3 of which I have a keen obsession for and no apologies about it at all.

And often, all three go hand in hand for my business. Who doesn’t want to travel to Paris to eat lots of yummy pastries, take classes, and explore the world of delicious desserts?

This girl most definitely does!

After being obsessed with desserts throughout my adolescent years, I went to Le Cordon Bleu in Arizona and got my pastry certificate. I worked as a wedding cake designer/decorator, a caterer, and I had 2 other food blogs previous to this one.

And now, I have a baking program where I help bakers step into their own confidence in the kitchen.

Why Baker Street Society?

As much as I love the BBC Sherlock Holmes series, this is not a fan site for Sherlock or Benedict Cumberbatch..although I do like both.

Baker Street Society is a “society” because it’s about community, bringing bakers together, creating a safe place to learn, and giving bakers the opportunity to learn their craft on a deeper level without spending $$$$.

You see, I realized that there was a need not being met in the baking world. There are very few classes about how baking works (if any?), let alone in-depth classes where you really understand the why and the how behind what you are doing.

So I decided that after years of baking, learning, making mistakes, and growing from my mistakes, I wanted to teach bakers (like you!) how it all works. Because then you can create your own recipes, tweak recipes with ease, open that bakery you’ve always dreamed of, and troubleshoot baking problems in your kitchen with complete confidence.

If you’re obsessed with desserts, want to learn more about how baking works, and enjoy hearing about my adventures in Paris, then sign up for my newsletter where you’ll get all the goods first!

And if you want to take your baking obsession further, join us in The Society, where bakers like you are living their baking dreams.