Best Baking Classes in Paris

Paris is a city that offers endless experiences, and no visit to the City of Love would be complete without taking a baking class. This is especially true if you are a foodie or baker. I speak from experience! I love desserts, baking, and Paris, and I can tell you that baking in Paris is the ultimate experience.

While sightseeing is fun, baking classes in Paris provide an experience you’ll remember for years to come! Read below for all the details about classes, costs, where to take them, and more.

Camille from baker street society at La Cuisine Paris in the kitchen for a macaron class - best baking classes in Paris

Why Take a Baking Class in Paris?

1. Learn from Professionals

One of the best reasons to take a baking class in Paris is because you can learn from actual French pastry chefs who have spent years honing their craft. You can take classes with pastry chefs who have Michelin restaurant experience and years of working in the industry. A Parisian baking class is a unique experience you won’t get at home.

2. Gain New Skills and Knowledge

Have you ever wondered how to make macarons? Or maybe you dream of making croissants. Whatever you want to learn, Paris baking classes will give you new skills to use at home.

Even though I’m a professionally trained pastry chef, I still like to take baking classes in Paris because there is always something new to learn. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced baker, the instructors teach in such a way that everyone gets something out of the class.

picture of Camille from Baker Street Society with baking instructor at La Cuisine Paris

3. Make Memories

After years of traveling to Paris, the best advice I can give is to do things that create lasting memories. Seeing the sights is fun, but it’s often the actual hands-on experiences that create the best memories. 

If you were to ask me about my favorite memory from each Paris trip, my answer would definitely include a class or tour of some kind. Interacting with chefs and other food lovers is always an enriching experience in my book.

4. Eat Delicious Food

Is anything more satisfying than saying, “I made this!”? The only thing that might be slightly better is eating the delicious desserts and pastries you made in class. There’s something gratifying about learning a new skill and getting to eat the fruits of your labor.

Types of Baking Classes in Paris

There are many fun baking classes in Paris, and here are a few I highly recommend.

Croissant Class

A Paris croissant-making class is what dreams are made of. Learn how to make a “beurrage,” laminate dough, and master how to roll, cut, and bake croissants. The best croissant classes typically take three to four hours, so plan to include this type of class when you have a free morning or afternoon.

Macaron Class

You can find various macaron classes around the city. Some focus on the French meringue method, some on the Italian meringue method, and others show both methods in one class.

hand holding a pink and yellow macaron at a Paris macaron class

French meringue macarons are made with traditional uncooked meringue. Italian meringue macarons are made with a hot syrup cooking method, which creates a more stable macaron (most pastry chefs prefer the Italian method). I would always recommend learning the Italian meringue method versus taking a class that only teaches the French method.

A typical macaron class lasts 2-3 hours, making it easy to fit between sightseeing and shopping. Macaron classes in Paris are especially popular, so book your class in advance.

Pâte à Choux Class

If you enjoy cream puffs and eclairs but don’t know how to make them, then this might be the perfect Paris baking class for you. Pâte à choux is the type of dough used to make these delicious pastries, and it’s incredibly fun and delicious. Choux is a technical pastry, which is why some people feel intimidated by making it at home.

However, once you learn the basics in a baking class, you’ll have more confidence to make them at home. A pâte à choux class typically lasts three hours, and you’ll leave with a box of delicious pastries you can be proud of.

French Eclairs being piped onto a lined baking sheet

Tart Class

If you want to learn the art of making French tarts, take a class in Paris.

A Paris tart class will walk you through the basics, including making, rolling, and shaping the dough. In addition, you’ll learn how to blind bake tart crusts, make fillings, and decorate with meringue and other delicious garnishes. A tart class is typically three hours long, and you’ll leave with beautifully decorated pastries.

If you want to learn more about making tarts before going to Paris, check out my French tarts here.

mini fruit tarts with various berries, pastry cream, and pate sucree crust

Pastry Class

If you want to learn about fancy pastries and desserts, consider a pastry class that focuses on entremets and technical desserts. These classes are not as easy to find around the city, but there are a couple of schools that offer them (including Le Cordon Bleu and Philippe Conticini).

Baguette Class

If you want to take a baking class that’s not focused on sweets, then a baguette or boulangerie class is an excellent choice. Learn the art of making crusty bread from a real boulanger who can teach you the ins and outs of this technical baked good. Because breads typically take a while to make, plan 3-4 hours for this type of class.

Which Paris Baking Class Should You Take?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a class. I would recommend taking a baking class in Paris for something you don’t know how to make or for a baked good you want to learn more about. For example, macarons and croissants are both technical pastries that can often go awry at home. Either would be a great class to start with.

Having a professional walk you through the process takes the stress out of the experience. Plus, with the help of an instructor, you know the pastries will turn out well.

Where to Take Classes

There are several good schools in Paris that offer baking classes. The best baking schools in Paris (for visitors, not full-time students), include:

How do you know which school to choose?

Professional Schools

Go to Le Cordon Bleu if you want to take a class at a professional baking school. There’s something special about going to a campus that has produced countless great chefs for decades. It’s like you can breathe in the history when you step through the door.

When you go to Le Cordon Bleu, you can spend a few hours learning from a French instructor. The classes are taught in French, but there is also an English translator.

The only downside is that Le Cordon Bleu doesn’t offer as many classes as some of the other schools. You’ll either have to find the class you want and plan your trip dates around that or hope that they have a class being offered when you visit Paris.

Famous Chef Classes

If you want a fun, interactive experience with a famous chef, take a class with Philippe Conticini. His classes are 2 1/2 hours long, and you will learn some of his secrets for making some of his famous desserts. This is not the same type of baking class as the others mentioned in this article. You will not be making the desserts, but instead observing, tasting, and learning.

Classes Designed for Visitors

The last category is my favorite for visitors! Take a class at a school designed for those who are visiting, such as La Cuisine Paris. These Paris baking classes are almost always taught in English, making them accessible to many people.

The classes are designed to help you develop skills and have fun as you learn the art of French baking. In addition, you’ll learn from professional pastry chefs who have years of experience.

Cost of Baking Classes

For a typical 2-3 hour Paris baking class, you’ll pay €119 – €250. Factors that can affect the cost include the length of the class, the topic and ingredients, and the person who is teaching. For example, you’ll often pay more for premium schools and classes with famous pastry chefs, such as Le Cordon Bleu and Philippe Conticini.

The Best Baking School in Paris

I have taken baking classes in Paris at a couple of different schools, and my favorite school is La Cuisine Paris.

La Cuisine Paris exterior of the building  - best Paris baking classes

I know a lot about baking, classes, and instructing since this happens to be my area of expertise. While I know that “best” is subjective, let me tell you why I choose La Cuisine Paris (and no, I’m not being paid or incentivized to write this in any way).

They offer all the baking classes described above, plus food tours and cooking classes. The atmosphere is fun, and the instructors are exceptional. Also, the classes at La Cuisine Paris are taught in English.

The classes are taught in sizeable kitchens, where bakers have enough room to work and enjoy the experience. I took a Paris baking class at another school where the classroom was small and felt a bit cramped. It was still a good baking class, but I found the kitchens at La Cuisine to be bigger and better for the overall experience.

The school is located in the center of Paris, right by Ile Saint Louis. Location-wise, it doesn’t get any better than this! Getting there by metro is easy, and the school is not difficult to find.

Finally, La Cuisine classes are more affordable than any other school, but they don’t skimp on time, quality, or instruction. For example, the 3-hour macaron class I took last year was taught by a chef who was the head pastry chef at a 2-star Michelin restaurant before coming to La Cuisine Paris. She was an incredible instructor!

What to Expect in a Class

Many schools offer similar experiences, but here is what you’ll experience in baking classes in Paris (specifically La Cuisine Paris). When you walk into the school, you’ll be welcomed by a very kind, English-speaking receptionist (which might be welcome after trying to navigate all the French speakers in the city!).

When class starts, you will be taken to the kitchen with your group. There, you will receive an apron, a name tag, and the recipes for the class.

macaron class at La Cuisine Paris - Best baking class in Paris

Your chef will walk you through every step of the baking process for the class you’ve chosen. You will be doing hands-on work during the entire class (this is so fun!). You can ask questions, take notes, take pictures of yourself baking, and make fun memories. At the end of the class, you’ll have a box of delicious baked goods to take back to your hotel.

Paris offers many wonderful experiences, but a baking class is at the top of my list because this is a city that is known for great pastries and desserts. Whether you want to learn how to make a crusty baguette, a beautiful tart, or the ever-popular macarons, you’ll be in good hands in Paris.

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