Eat at These 10 Best Paris Patisseries

Going to Paris and not eating dessert is like yelling “Garçon!” at a waiter in Paris…you just don’t do it. That’s why I put this list together of the 10 best Paris patisseries, plus a few honorable mentions at the end.

When you go to Paris, eat! Enjoy the food. Don’t count calories; savor every bite of each dessert and pastry you try. Plus, you’ll probably walk most of the calories off while exploring the city (seriously, like 25k steps a day). Try at least one dessert at a patisserie because it’s part of the Parisian experience.

1. Philippe Conticini

One of my favorite things about going to Paris is that there is always something new to try or discover. I had heard of Philippe Conticini and found his shop online a few years ago, but he was never high on my radar. That is, until I went to his location at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet.

Wow, wow, wow! Every pastry looked mouth-wateringly good, but the Paris-Brest really caught my eye. Let me just tell you, I can still remember the taste, the texture, and the excitement I felt as I ate my Paris-Brest. I have never had a pastry like it.

Paris-Brest, Mangue dessert, eclairs, and more as seen at Philippe Conticini at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet

Please order one. Unless you have nut allergies, and then don’t. But if you can have nuts, then eat or share this dessert. Philippe Conticini is famous for his Paris-Brest!

And while you’re there, try one of his ridiculously huge croissants (bigger than your head, or maybe two heads put together). Or at least snap a picture of them. It’s fun to gawk at all of his fun creations.

What to Know: Individual desserts start around 9€, and they all look beautiful. I tried two desserts at his shop, and both were memorable.

L’adresse: Philippe Conticini
35 Bd Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France
And four other locations

2. La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac

What can I say about Cyril Lignac besides that he is a genius at making pastries? He has one of the best Paris patisseries. Lignac has five boutiques in Paris, and my favorite is in Saint-Germain (one of the best areas in Paris).

What’s to love? He offers both small and large desserts to tempt every palate. His shop is a bit understated with very little frill, but it’s beautiful inside. It’s very French.

a blue and white dessert box with desserts inside from La Patisserie Cyril Lignac in Paris

When I first walked into his Rue de Sevres location, I was instantly drawn to the lemon dessert, but they all looked delicious. Cyril Lignac is most famous for his Equinoxe dessert (which I didn’t know at the time). It’s on my list to try on my next trip.

But if I had to make a recommendation, I’d say get the lemon tart and the Equinoxe because he makes the best lemon tart I’ve ever tasted.

What to Know: Individual desserts cost around 7€. The shop on Rue de Sevres is open every day of the week (as of when this article was written), and there are four other locations in the city.

L’adresse: La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac
133 Rue de Sèvres, 75006 Paris, France

3. Pierre Hermé

When I’m in Paris, I always go to a Pierre Hermé patisserie (and it’s usually more like two or three visits at his boutiques). Yes, Pierre Hermé is known for his macarons, but he is also known for revolutionizing the world of patisserie with individual desserts that include much more than eclairs and fruit tarts.

Each of his desserts is unique and well worth trying. Pierre Hermé is famous for his raspberry Ispahan, and he is well-known for his Infinitement Vanille dessert and chocolat pastries. And while you’re in one of his shops, don’t forget to try a macaron or two!

ispahan, infinitement vanilla, and other desserts at Pierre Hermé, one of the best patisseries in Paris

What to Know: Don’t wait until late afternoon or evening to buy a pastry at Pierre Hermé. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into Pierre Hermé shops in the afternoon, and many of the desserts are sold out (super disappointing!). Go earlier in the day or around lunch so you don’t miss out.

Individual desserts cost around 10€. My recommendation is to buy one of the chocolate desserts or the Ispahan, as they are all good choices. Undoubtedly, Pierre Herme has some of the best patisseries in Paris, so don’t miss this stop.

L’adresse: Pierre Hermé
72 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris, France
And 15 other locations in Paris

4. Bontemps La Pâtisserie

Bontemps is another Paris patisserie worth visiting. Located in the Marais, this patisserie is also a restaurant. You can eat lunch, brunch, or have afternoon tea featuring some of their cakes and cookies.

Bontemps is most famous for its sablè cookies and lemon cake, but part of what makes this place worth visiting is the beautiful shop and atmosphere! It’s very feminine and chic.

What’s to Know: This patisserie offers a unique experience you won’t find at any of the others on this list. If you want to sit, relax, and enjoy your dessert in a beautiful shop, go to Bontemps. They also have their own “secret garden.”

L’adresse: Bontemps La Pâtisserie
57 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris, France
And 1 other location

5. Christophe Michalak

I learned about Christophe Michalak several years ago, but for some reason, I didn’t go into one of his shops until my trip in 2023.

My biggest regret is not going sooner. Just look at these desserts! The mango dessert is out of this world, and the chocolate “criollo” is delicious, too. You’ll want to return to this Paris patisserie time and time again (it’s a good reason for another trip, right?). This could possibly be the “meilleur patisserie de Paris.” But you decide. Go and try a few pastries for yourself!

entremet mange and criollo at Patisserie Christophe Michalak in Saint Germain - one of the best Paris patisseries

Michalak’s shops are minimalistic, white, clean, and modern. When you walk in, everything feels fresh and light inside. Christophe Michalak’s boutique is easily one of the best patisseries in Paris. It’s in my top three in the city, and I hope it makes it into your “top” list, too.

What to Know: Individual desserts cost around 9€. His shops are open every day, but of course, always check the hours before you plan your visit.

L’adresse: Patisserie Michalak
8 Rue du Vieux Colombier, 75006 Paris, France
And 3 other locations (not including his boulangerie)

6. Pâtisserie Carl Marletti

Carl Marletti is famous for his Mille-Feuille pastry. He also makes many other noteworthy creations. He was once the head pastry chef at Cafe de la Paix. Now, he has his own patisserie where he shares his creations.

In 2009, he won the “Meilleure Tarte au Citron à Paris,” the best lemon tart in Paris. His pâtisserie is located in the Latin Quarter, which is another beautiful area in the city. Stop by Carl Marletti and take your pastries to the Jardin des Plantes, where you can eat them in a beautiful setting.

What to Know: Individual pastries start around 7€, and the patisserie is open every day except Monday.

L’adresse: Pâtisserie Carl Marletti
51 Rue Censier, 75005 Paris, France

7. Stohrer

People often ask me where they should go for pastries and desserts on their trip. Stohrer is always in the top 3 places I recommend for a few reasons.

First, Stohrer is the oldest pâtisserie in Paris, which means you get to step into a little piece of history. Second, everything, and I mean everything, is delicious and memorable. And third, you get to wander down one of the coolest food streets (Rue Montorgeuil) to get to the pâtisserie.

exterior of Stohrer -best Paris Patisserie

Stohrer is famous for its Baba au Rhum. They also have the most amazing St. Honoré pastry, the best kouign amann, scrumptious eclairs, and tarts to die for. If you can only visit one of the best patisseries in Paris, make sure Stohrer is at the top of your list.

What’s to Know: Stohrer is popular. They open early in the morning, and it’s not long before they are packed with customers. Many pastries, such as the kouign amann, sell out quickly. Go earlier rather than later in the day. They open at 8 a.m., making it the perfect place to start your day.

L’adresse: Stohrer
51 Rue Montorgueil, 75002 Paris, France

8. Pâtisserie Tourbillon Saint Louis

Tourbillon is a newer Paris pâtisserie, and it’s on my list to try on my next trip. Here’s why this boutique makes my list of the best Paris patisseries.

Yann Brys, the chef and owner, won “Meilleur Ouvrier de France,” (M.O.F) in 2011 for patisserie, which is the highest pastry award and distinction in France. He opened his first patisserie in Saulx les Chartreux, which is outside of Paris. Now he has a second boutique on Ile Saint Louis in the center of the city.

What to Know: The reviews are good, and you can’t go wrong with a pastry from an M.O.F. This new and upcoming patisserie is one to keep on your radar for your trip.

L’adresse: Pâtisserie Tourbillon
90 Rue Saint-Louis en l’Île, 75004 Paris, France

9. Aux Merveilleux de Fred

Aux Merveilleux de Fred definitely wins for original and unique pastries. They are famous for their “merveilleux” desserts. These pastries are mounds of meringue and cream coated in various toppings. The desserts look fun, and their shops are busy all the time.

What to Know: If you want something different from what you’ll find at most patisseries, go here! Their meringue desserts are inventive and fun. Aux Merveilleux de Fred is also known for its brioche, so you can experience the best of patisserie and boulangerie in one shop.

L’adresse: Aux Merveilleux de Fred
1 Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, 75006 Paris, France
Plus 2 other locations

10. A. Lacroix Pâtissier

Next on the list is another favorite Paris patisserie. Not only does A. Lacroix Patissier have great lunch options, but they also have delicious pastries. A. Lacroix may not feel quite as high-end as some Paris patisseries, but I love this place! The lemon tart and the apple pastry were both memorable.

apple dessert on a tray with a fork at A. Lacroix Patissier - one of the best Paris patisseries

One of the best parts about eating here is that they have an eating area. If you are lucky, you can sit in front of the window overlooking Notre Dame across the street. I highly recommend coming here for lunch and dessert.

What to Know: With delicious lunch and dessert options, this place is always busy. Go early or after meal times if you want to experience the shop at a less busy time. I highly recommend the apple, lemon tart, and creme brulee desserts.

L’adresse: A. Lacroix Patissier
11 Quai de Montebello, 75005 Paris, France

Other Notable Mentions

A common mistake people make when visiting Paris for the first time is only visiting the main pastry shops they hear about repeatedly (Pierre Hermé, etc.). In addition to my top 10, I want to share two other shops that are worth visiting.

La Grande Épicerie

Most people don’t consider La Grande Epicerie one of the best Paris patisseries, but I’d like to add it to the list as an honorable mention.

While La Grande Épicerie is a gourmet grocery store, they also have a dazzling display of desserts in their bakery. And no, this is not like desserts in U.S. grocery store bakeries. These are gourmet desserts!

pavlova desserts at La Grande Epicerie in their patisserie

I ordered the pavlova, and wow was it good! You can choose from several desserts, such as apple tart, lemon tarts, St. Honore pastries, many of which are classic staples in the French dessert world.

What’s to Know: The patisserie is very busy, but the service is usually fast. A bonus is that there are tables and chairs where you can sit and eat your dessert. They also offer hot sandwiches and drinks, so you could have an entire meal.

L’adresse: La Grande Épicerie
38 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris, France

Pain de Sucre

This notable patisserie in the Marais offers a more modern take on French desserts. The pastry designs at Pain de Sucre are colorful and fun. This patisserie is known for its square tarts and desserts. They offer unique desserts such as the “Moorea,” which looks like a coconut with a drink inside.

This Paris patisserie is well-known for its Baba au Rhum, which has a little syringe of rum that you squeeze into the dessert before eating.

L’adresse: Pain de Sucre
14 Rue Rambuteau, 75003 Paris, France

Whether you visit one or all ten of the best Paris patisseries, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you eat a pastry, savor it, and get carried away just for a moment. That’s a true Parisian experience.

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