5 Must Have Paris Food Experiences

When you are in Paris, experiencing the food is a best way to get to know the heart of the people. When you hear a Parisian talk about food, it is very personal, and it has great meaning. A croissant is not just a croissant. A piece of chocolate is NOT just a piece of chocolate. Food is deeply rooted in the French culture, so what better way to get to know Paris than by tasting the city?

Here are 5 of the best food experiences in Paris that will enrich your experience and will make you feel more like a local.

1. Take a Food Tour

By far, the best experience I had in Paris was an amazing food tour with Secret Food Tours. This company originally started in England, and they now offer food tours in various European countries. There are a few food tour companies to choose from, so make sure to pick one with great reviews!

One of the reasons why this was my favorite experience in Paris is because I would never have found all of the unique food places on my own that were on the tour. If you choose Secret Food Tours, you will have about 7 stops that take between three and four hours total to visit. And I promise, you will get to try some AMAZING food.

2. Take a Cooking Class

Having a hands on experience is such a fun way to learn from some really great masters who know the culinary arts in Paris. When I was in Paris, I was able to take a macaron baking class at Cook’n With ClassOur chef had years and years of experience, and he was very thorough in showing us how to make macarons.

Even though I learned how to make macarons in culinary school, this was even better. To be honest, there is just something about the technique of a French chef. They are so passionate, and they practice their art over and over to reach perfection.

There are a lot of great cooking courses in Paris, and no experience is needed. Whether you want to learn pastries, desserts, or savory dishes, there is definitely a class for you!

3. Enjoy a Dinner Cruise

What a way to experience the city and the food. It’s the best of both worlds and very relaxing. I have gone on 2 dinner cruises in Paris, and they were amazing! There are many lunch cruises, but honestly, the magic and romance is really captured at night.

There are a few cruises to choose from for dinner, but I would highly recommend Bateau Le Calife. I have to say, they do a great job at making you feel at home on their boat. The cruise takes you on the Seine River for about 2 hours, and you get to see many of the best sites of Paris all while enjoying a beautiful dinner.

The most magical moment is at 10 pm when the Eiffel tower lights up and sparkles! The boat is really close, so you have an amazing view.

4. Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant

Eating at a Michelin star restaurant is a unique experience. Having Michelin stars is still a big deal, but many of the best restaurants don’t have any stars and are still packed with people. With that being said, there is still something special about a restaurant that has earned this honor.

Don’t expect a comfort meal when you go to a Michelin restaurant. Expect an experience. That is partly what you are paying for, but the food should blow you away as well.

5. Eat Where the Locals Eat

As fun as it is to plan a trip out ahead of time, make sure you talk to your hotel concierge for suggestions when you arrive. One of the best ways to find good restaurants is by asking the concierge at your hotel. They can give you a list of good restaurants including some of the best spots where local eat.

It is so much easier than going on TripAdvisor sometimes because you are asking someone who lives there and who knows what is good and what is not. You will also get a better feel for the Parisian life if you visit some of the places that are popular with locals.

On Sundays, Parisians often to go to cafes where they can meet with family or friends and enjoy a lovely meal together. Eating at a cafe is a quintessential Parisian experience, so make sure you find a good one, and then enjoy the hustle and bustle of these cute cafes.

So there you have it! Five food experiences in France that will make your trip worth the while. Add at least one of these items to your itinerary, but do even more if you are able to!


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