Where to Eat the Best Crêpes in Paris

Ah, the crepe! As you meander the cobbled streets of Paris, you’ll find a city dotted with the most wonderful creperies (close your eyes, can you smell it?). But with countless restaurants, where should you go for the best crêpes in Paris?

Follow along as we embark on a delicious journey to discover Paris’s top crepe experiences.

Types of Crêpes

There are two main categories of crêpes in Paris, and both are completely divine.

First, there are savory crêpes. These are known as galettes, buckwheat crepes, or sarrasin crepes. They are deep brown in color and have a savory flavor that works well with vegetables, meats, cheese, eggs, and greens.

Most savory crepes generally come with egg and cheese plus some additional ingredients. When you go to almost any creperie in Paris, you’ll usually find French buckwheat crepes with ham, egg, and cheese. I especially love how crepes are served. Chefs have the most beautiful way of folding the edges of the crepes toward the center to form a square or triangle pocket, with the filling arranged in a beautiful way.

Best savory galette crêpes in paris

The second category is sweet crepes. These crepes are made with a light-colored, slightly sweet batter (no buckwheat), and the filling options are endless. In Paris, you’ll find popular options like strawberry and Nutella, crêpes Suzette, chocolate, and caramel.

If you want to learn how to make crêpes at home, check out my recipe for caramel apple crepes and this impressive lemon crepe cake.

Where to Eat The Best Crêpes in Paris

Let me start off by saying that you can find good crepes all over the city, but I want to share where to go for some of the best crêpes in Paris. If only you could see my list of places to visit each trip (it’s extensive because I’m obsessed with food).

My list of best restaurants to eat crepes in Paris (below) includes places I’ve personally eaten at and other highly rated crêperies I’ve researched and plan to visit. This section is specifically dedicated to sit-down restaurants. If you want to know about street crepes, read the next section.

1. Crêperie Little Breizh Paris (Saint-Germain)

The more I visit Paris, the more I fall in love with Saint Germain des Près (6th arron.). This arrondissement has several noteworthy creperies. One of the best creperies in Paris is Little Breizh. This is a true gem if you want an authentic and memorable crepe experience.

When you step into Little Breizh, you’ll experience a cozy and lively atmosphere that is true to the Parisian food scene. The old wood beams are my favorite part of the decor because they just feel French. The restaurant is not big, but the crepes are out of this world good!

Little Breizh creperie paris - best crêpes in Paris

If you want to try a more adventurous crepe than a traditional ham, egg, and cheese, order the “chabichou” crepe. It is simply divine. The dessert crepes at Little Breizh are not to be missed either (caramel or chocolate are always good choices), so be sure to save room for dessert. They truly have some of the best crêpes in Paris.

What to Know: Little Breizh does not accept reservations. There can be a long wait, so go when they open (see hours on their FB page here). In addition, they are not open on Sundays or Mondays.

Prix: €10–20 per person. It’s affordable, high quality, and worth every euro.

Little Breizh Paris
11 Rue Grégoire de Tours, 75006 Paris, France

2. Creperie Broceliande (Montmartre)

Crêperie Broceliande is right by Sacre Cœur, and this restaurant has all the old-world charm and French feels a girl could want. It’s a small restaurant with vintage furniture that makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

creperie Broceliande Paris - best crepes in Paris

Broceliande has the absolute best caramel apple crepe (called “Salidou”), and no other caramel crepe in the city beats theirs. As far as the best crêpes in Paris go, Creperie Broceliande undoubtedly makes the list. But don’t take my word for it. Visit Sacre Cœur, and then take the short walk to this creperie. Both their savory and sweet crepes are worth the trip.

What to Know: They are open every day, usually at 11:30 am. Always check the hours online before you go because hours can change, as is the case with any restaurant in Paris.

Prix: €10–20 per person

Crêperie Broceliande
15 Rue des Trois Frères, 75018 Paris, France

3. La Crêpe Rit du Clown (Saint Germain)

I discovered this creperie while working on a special Paris project coming in 2025. The restaurant name literally means “The crepe laughs at the clown.” It sounds funny, but it has some of the best ratings in the city.

This creperie makes my list of the best crepes in Paris for a few reasons. First, it is located in the heart of Saint-Germain des Pres (close to the center of Paris). Second, the food is reasonably priced, and their galettes (savory crepes) are especially good. Third, it is open most nights, which is nice for late-night cravings.

What to Know: They are open daily (except Monday) from 11:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. Of course, check the hours before you go. You can also make a reservation at this creperie here.

L’Adresse: La Creperie Rit du Clown
6 Rue des Canettes, 75006 Paris, France

3. Bernadette (Bastille)

For crepes that taste truly authentic to the Bretagne region (Brittany), visit Bernadette. Located in the Bastille (11th arron.), this creperie is vibrant and joyful. The crepes are droolworthy, and the blue painted walls with white and rustic stone accents have the perfect French vibe. At Bernadette, you’ll feast on some of the best crêpes in Paris.

With rave reviews, this place will not disappoint. When people tell you the crepes at Bernadette are just as good or better than the crepes in Brittany, FR, you run (don’t walk) to be the first in line.

Pro Tip: For a true Breton experience, order the sparkling apple cider (ask for nonalcoholic if you don’t drink). Cider with crepes is traditional in Brittany, so this is the best way to experience a crepe meal at any restaurant.

apple cider at a creperie in Paris

What to Know: They are open Tuesday – Saturday with set lunch and dinner hours. You can make a reservation here.

Prix: €20–30 per person

2bis Rue Neuve Popincourt, 75011 Paris, France

5. La Crêperie de Josselin (Montparnasse)

Montparnasse (14th arron.) is home to one of the best crepe scenes in Paris. There is a street lined with creperies in Montparnasse, and La Crêperie de Josselin stands out as the best. This place has that magical old-world charm that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into an old Breton restaurant.

best creperies in Paris, Montparnass La Creperie de Josselin

Josselin is a family-owned business known for some of the best crêpes in Paris. It’s the only restaurant on the street with a line out the door, and the crepes are so good that people say they’re the best crepes they’ve ever eaten. People go back again and again. Their buckwheat crepes and savory galettes are worth the metro ride to get here.

What to Know: Montparnasse isn’t as centrally located as some of the other areas in Paris, so you’ll likely need to take a metro to get here if you aren’t staying in the 14th arrondissement. They are open every day except Monday, but the hours vary depending on the day.

Prix: €10–20 per person

La Crêperie de Josselin
67 Rue du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris, France

6. Crêperie Gigi (Le Marais)

No food article would be complete without a stop in Le Marais. This is one of the most beautiful areas in Paris, and the food scene is fantastic. A newer crepe restaurant, Crêperie Gigi, is the perfect place to go for the best crêpes in the Marais.

What’s to love about this restaurant? Gigi offers traditional flavors, such as egg, cheese, and ham, but the real star is their modern and exotic crepe flavors. They have delicious crepes with sugar, butter, and yuzu (sweet), or for a savory galette, Shiitake, ham & truffles. The restaurant offers crepes to dine in, but you can also take them “to go” (à importer).

What to Know: Creperie Gigi is open Wednesday – Sunday from 11:30 am – 5:30 pm (but of course, check the hours for changes before you go), but they are closed Monday-Tuesday. They have indoor and outdoor seating, and a cozy atmosphere. To make a reservation, call the restaurant.

Prix: €10–20 per person

Creperie Gigi
4 Rue de la Corderie, 75003 Paris, France

7. Tanguy (10th Arron.)

Tanguy Creperie is a creperie that prioritizes authenticity. They use organic buckwheat flour with a protected geographical indication (IGP Bretagne) to create their thin and crispy crepes, replicating the traditional Breton style. Located in the 10th arrondissement, the restaurant boasts a 1930s fresco on the ceiling, which adds a touch of history to your dining experience. While the crepes aren’t overloaded with toppings, they focus on high-quality, fresh ingredients for a true taste of Brittany.

You can even take your crepe on the go or order plain crepes by the dozen for a delicious souvenir (because who wouldn’t want to take crepes home as a souvenir?).

In addition to traditional flavors, they also serve crepes with roasted butternut squash, mushrooms, and pork belly, to name a few. You’ll find a more sophisticated crepe experience here that is worth the price.

What to Know: They are open every day except Monday, with set lunch and dinner hours. You can reserve a table here.

Prix: €20–30

Tanguy Paris
15 Rue de l’Échiquier, 75010 Paris, France

The Creperie I Didn’t Include…

I’m sure you’ve seen Breizh Café (not the same restaurant as Little Breizh Paris) on almost every list. Here’s my honest opinion, though. I went to one of their cafes in Paris, and the food was good but not memorable. Their prices are a bit high, so you expect it to be outstanding.

Breizh Cafe Paris

After hearing so many amazing things about this crepe restaurant chain, I left feeling disappointed. I can’t even specifically remember what I ate, which is usually very telling for me. Try Breizh Café if you are dying to go there, but I recommend the other creperies on my list instead.

Best Street Crêpes in Paris

As much as I love the sit-down creperie experience, sometimes there’s not enough time to go to a restaurant when you have sightseeing to do. If you have a busy itinerary, street crepes are a great option that allows you to try a classic French staple while also saving time.

You can find on-the-go crepes in every arrondissement. If you see a line queuing, you know the crepes will be good (99.9% of the time).

Creperies vs. Street Crepes

There are a few differences between street crepes and crepe restaurants in Paris.

First, street crêpes in Paris are typically inexpensive. You shouldn’t pay €15 for a street crepe—ever. A good price range per person is €1–8.

Second, the selection of street crepe flavors is often more limited. Street crêpe stands are usually quite small—so small that no more than one or possibly two people can fit into that tiny kitchen.

At street creperies, you’ll typically find savory galettes with some combination of ham, cheese, egg, as well as a few other savory choices. For sweet crêpes, most crêpe stands offer standard flavors like Nutella, caramel, sugar, honey, or jam.

street crepes in Paris wrapped in brown paper

Third, street crepes do not typically come on a plate with a fork and knife (as they do in restaurants). Instead, the crêpes are often folded and wrapped in paper so you can easily take them to go. You can find some street creperies that offer crepes in flat paper boxes with a knife and fork, but this is a newer trend from what I’ve seen over the years. Typically, it’s the fold-and-go paper.

I know, you’re saying, but Camille, where do we go for street crepes? Okay, I’ve got you.

Here are 5 of the best places for street crepes in Paris:

1. La Crêperie Mon Ami (Montmartre)

Located in Montmartre, right around the corner from the historical Rue Lepic, this tiny creperie has rave reviews and some of the best street crêpes in Paris. It has everything going for it. Low prices, good quality crepes, simple choices, and a beautiful neighborhood.

This creperie has a good reputation, and for me, it’s the perfect place to grab a crêpe while exploring Montmartre.

L’adresse: 7 Rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Paris, France

2. La Crêperie Francaise (Saint-Germain)

La Creperie Francaise - street crepes in Saint Germain des Pres

La Crêperie Francaise is undoubtedly the most entertaining street creperie I’ve ever been to! The small space’s decor is brilliant and fun. The chef is quite entertaining as he makes the crepes with a portrait of Napoléon hanging behind him. This is the perfect place to stop after dinner, for an afternoon snack, or for an on-the-go lunch.

Inexpensive, quick, and perfectly delightful is the best way to describe this Paris street creperie.

L’adresse: 37 Rue Dauphine 75006, 75006 Paris, France

3. La Drougerie (10th arron.)

La Droguerie, a charming crepe stand on the upper edge of the Marais, is known for its delicious Paris crêpes. They craft paper-thin crepes right before your eyes, and watching them work is often a highlight. It’s like the perfect therapy to watch someone pour the batter and slowly spin it around with a crepe spreader. It never gets old!

With limited seating, you might be able to grab a stool at the counter, but you’ll most likely take your crepe as you stroll through the vibrant neighborhood. Despite its small size, La Droguerie packs a big punch of flavor and Parisian charm.

L’adresse: 47 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris, France

4. Au P’tit Grec Crêperie (Latin Quarter)

Au P’tit Grec is one of the best creperies in Paris, boasting a 4.5-star Google rating and over 6,000 reviews praising its delectable crepes.

Located on Rue Mouffetard, which is one of the best food streets in Paris, this slightly larger-than-average street creperie offers a wide variety of sweet and savory crepes. You’ll even find Greek-inspired options here, which are fun and different from traditional flavors. Savor one of their crepes on the go while exploring the Latin Quarter. What could be better than a crepe in hand and a stroll over to the Jardin des Plantes just a few minutes away?

Open late until 2:00 a.m., Au P’tit Grec is perfect for late-night cravings and post-dinner outings (and who can resist a crepe any time of day, really?).

L’adresse: 68 Rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris, France

5. Crêperie Genia (Latin Quarter)

There are several good street crepes on Rue Mouffetard, so you could walk down this street and find several good places along the way. But Creperie Genia is worth highlighting as it has high ratings (4.8 stars), and the crepe stand is absolutely adorable. It feels kind of carnivalesque. The crepes are inexpensive, they all look delicious, and the reviews point to the quality of the food.

L’adresse: 23 Rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris, France

Map of the Best Creperies in Paris

map of the best crepes in Paris

Gluten-Free Crepes in Paris

For those who can’t tolerate gluten, it would be a sad day if there wasn’t a crepe option for you to try! Luckily, there are a few Paris creperies that offer gluten-free choices.

Here are a few good options:

  1. Yummy and Guiltfree
  2. Caramel Sarassin
  3. La Crème de Paris
  4. La Crème de Paris Notre-Dame
  5. Culture Crêpes
  6. Breizh Café

Understanding a Paris Crepe Menu

One of the most difficult things to do in a foreign country is to read the menu. If you don’t know any French, you might feel frustrated, especially if the crepe menus don’t have an English translation.

Here are a few French terms that will help you when you are ordering.

Paris Crepe Menu Words in English

Crêpe Etiquette: How to Order and Eat Crepes in Paris

How to Order at a Creperie

If you are at a sit-down crêperie in Paris, a waiter will take your order. Depending on the restaurant, some may have you order savory and sweet at the same time (if you are ordering both). Other restaurants will take your main order for lunch or dinner, and then they will ask if you want a dessert crepe at the end of your meal.

Of course, you can order just a sweet crepe, and that is perfectly acceptable.

Etiquette for Eating at a Paris Creperie

Do not eat crepes with your hands in a sit-down restaurant. It’s pretty self-explanatory since there is a knife and fork by each plate, but it’s still worth mentioning because if you’ve never eaten one, you may not know.

Take your time while eating, and set your fork and knife down between each bite. The French take their time, so if you want to blend in, eat slowly and enjoy your meal.

How to Order Street Crêpes

Ordering from a street vendor is simpler and more relaxed than sitting in a restaurant. Place your order for what you want, and then wait until your name is called or they hand you the finished crepes.

Paris Street Crêpe Etiquette

Since you are ordering street crepes, there’s typically no place for customers to sit down. Instead, you can walk with your crepe in hand and eat. If you want to look less like a tourist, go to a park or find a nice bench where you can sit and savor each bite.

Parisians don’t typically walk and eat simultaneously, so you’ll blend in better if you do as they do.

When you visit Paris, you’ll eat a lot of amazing food. Some meals may be elaborate, while others may be simple or rustic. But no matter where you eat, make sure to leave time in your itinerary to try some of the best crêpes in Paris.

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